Manufacturing Division

A. Built-up Beam or H-Beam Section

We are the leader in built-up beams with an output capacity of 5,000 metric tons per month. We operate with 7 fully automated lines for sections ranging from H200 mm up to 2,800mm of unlimited thickness. Following JIS G3192 standards as our main specification, our production lines are capable of producing beams which meet other international standards and customer’s specifications. The consistent testing of our samples to stringent various destructive and non-destructive examinations manifests the superiority of our products to the satisfaction of our customers. Other than Built-up beam or H-Beam section, we can produce square tube section, castellated beam and cross beam.

B. Electric pole and Single Transmission Pole Section

As an alternative to concrete pole and/ or steel pipe pole, we manufacture octagonal shaped,electric and single transmission poles of various designs and dimensions depending on the  customer’s needs. Our expertise in engineering and manufacturing processes to this product is proven by a loading test which shows that we are qualified in engineering and manufacturing process.