Established on 10th November 1983, our factory is located at Krakatau Industrial Estate, Cilegon.It produces welded H-Beam with variouscombinations of steel grades based on JIS,ASTM, BS, DIN,etc. We also produce welded H-Beam with various size of cross sections to reach economic and optimum design. Additionally, in order to protect steel against corrosion, we also provide shot-blasting and prime-coating facilities.Our plant is also equipped with laboratories for various kinds of H-Beam tests.        

          As a result,the welded part is stronger than the steel plate, consequently monolith section can be obtained.Computerized and integrated managementsystem guarantees accuracy and speed in carrying out the functions of planning, control,data processing, administration, etc.Since its official opening by President Soeharto in November 1985, Cigading has produced more than 1 million welded H-Beams in various sizes for various uses. Our H-Beams, has been used to build high-rise buildings, offices, bridges, factories, warehouses, bearing piles, crane girders, etc.,throughout Indonesia.



With Such A

Sound Beginning

We Could Expect A Greater Future

Established at Cilegon (West Java) and inaugurated by the President of the Republic Indonesia. Initially with the welded H-beam Plant, operating on 7-line Automatic Production Lines with 5,000 tons/month capacity in various sizes. Shot Blast and Painting was established soon after.
Expanded the facilities and established the Coil Center comprising slitting and shearing coil.
Steel fabrication was established. This enabled our Company to have three plants so far to secure a solid niche in Fabricating, Shot Blasting and Painting.
The Pole center established. Our Company started to produce electric, lighting, high mast transmission and telecommunication antenna poles. The Company continues its prominence for outstanding products, services and special attention to quality. Export markets included Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Papua New Guinea, UEA, etc. These products were used mainly for power plants, chemical plants, bridges, high-rise buildings and ship-building. Our Company gained its reputation by actively participating in numerous projects.
Obtained ISO 9002 Certification.

Facility & Capacity

Our factory is located at Krakatau Industrial Estate, Cilegon, West Java, Indonesia, operating in an area of 87,000 sqm with 50,000 sqm factory area. We are operating in three divisions, namely: