NEWS : Caputra Group Diversifies Into Maritime Businesses

Caputra Group has pursued big dreams since it started its steel fabrication business in 1971. Backed by good corporate govermance, the Indonesian conglomerate has since diversified into bridge contruction, shipyards, shipbuilding and marine tourism.

“We see Indonesia as a maritime nation that needs a lot of infrastructure, which is why we strive to build something meaningful for our country,”says Heru Pramono, founder of Caputra Group, and president and director of Caputra Group’s steel fabrication company, Cigading Habeam Centre (CHC). To help develop Indonesia’s maritime industries, CHC works

With other Caputra Group companies, which include Caputra Mitra Sejati, Batavia Marina, Quicksilver Day Cruises and Odyssey Submarine Bali. Contruction companies value the technical expertise and on-time

Delivery of CHC, which specializes in high-quality steel structures. Focusing on bridge-building, the company has worked on major projects across Indonesia such as the Anggana Bridge. CHC gas forged firm partnership with mitsui & Co Steel and Yokogawa

Bridge. It seeks collaborations with similar companies to promote its CHC Bridge Indonesia brand internationally. CHC’s tailor-made H-beams also form the backbone of high-rise buildings across Indonesia such as the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town and Pacific Place Jakarta. Much of CHC’s steel technology is applicable to Caputra Mitra Sejati’s shipbuilding

With its ship design and marine architecture capabilities, Caputra Mitra Sejati aims to expand into the oil and gas sector. The shipbuilder has produced crew boats for the China National Offshore Oil Corporation and PetroChina, and a well-testing barge for Total E&P Indonesie. Its oil and gas ships are certified by Lloyd’s Register.

Caputra Mitra Sejati likewise built a catamaran for Quicksilver Day Cruises. Together with Odyssey Submarine Bali and Batavia Marine, Quicksilver Day Cruises Reflects a different facet of Caputra Group’s passion for shipbuilding and marine tourism

“By building marinas, we can show everyone that we can be proud of our seas,” Pramono says


Source : South China Morning Post – 17/08/2014